10 Day Detox Diet, Weekend Update and Day 8: Temptations (again), Nancie lost 9 pounds so far and Jennifer has lost 5

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Day Eight – 2.3.14 – Adam Swenson, editor

The weekend went pretty well as far as the detox was concerned. The big story of the weekend for me (as I’m sure for most other people) was dealing with food temptations. I was the recipient of many good-natured jokes made about such hilarious topics as coffee, donuts, beer, cheese, ice cream, and so on. It took a Herculean effort of will, but my only slipup of the weekend was one small cup of decaf coffee, so I would call that passing with flying colors.

At church on Sunday, I managed to resist the twin pitfalls of coffee and donuts (pitfalls when I am on the detox—afterwards I full intend to resume drinking coffee, but I will consume less caffeine). I have a very busy day on Sundays and I have typically relied on coffee to help wake me up in the morning, but my body is doing a pretty good job of waking up and being aware and ready on its own. I also managed to resist a homemade, fresh-from-the-oven batch of gluten-free oatmeal/peanut butter/flaxseed/chocolate chip bars that my wife, Maureen, made for our small group that came over on Sunday afternoon. I know firsthand how delicious those are, but I stuck with my commitment.

Day eight, Monday, has been business as usual. Back at work, and I have to say it is much easier to do this at work when there aren’t a lot of temptations just sitting out. Dr. Hyman wanted us to “dejunk” our kitchen and get rid of all the foods we couldn’t have on the detox. In my case that wasn’t too practical as my wife and daughter are not doing the detox and still need to eat. In any case, we have healthy food for the most part. But, having put up with the weekends’ temptations, I can certainly see the wisdom in that approach. I can also see that it could be a good idea for spouses to do this together.

Though I’m behind on weighing myself, I know that I have to keep cinching up my belt and I can tell that there’s very little fat left to pinch on my stomach. At this point, my BMI is at 23.7, which is a good range to be at. I could probably lose another one or two pounds, but I wouldn’t really want to lose much more than that. Although I suppose that is something I don’t have to worry about much—from the research I have done, when you are eating healthy, exercising, and not loading up on toxins so your body has to store them away in fat cells, the body will naturally get to and maintain a healthy weight. It seems like that is what is happening with me.

Also I can say that food cravings at this point are very visual. If there’s no food around me other than healthy food—like right now, I am at my desk and just have cashews and walnuts here—food cravings are not an issue. If someone brought in a big platter of cookies, however, that would be a different story. So it really is about just controlling what is around me to the extent that is possible.

Nancie Carter, reader

Well here I am on Day 8. I thought I was going to struggle with this detox with all the prep and timing to make the meals more than I have. As the days went on, I found everything getting easier.

The desire for snack food in the evenings has diminished and I have stuck with this detox to the T. Don’t get me wrong, I think about snacking on my popcorn with hot spices on it every day, but have not had any.

I have lost so far 9 pounds and 2 inches off my hips and 1 inch off my thighs and 2 inches off my chest and 2 1/2 off my waist. With these results and no boredom, I’m not going to stop after the 10 days!

I’m feeling really good physically and mentally seem to be clear of fog. My moods have changed around my premenopausal state and I’m finding I’m not sweating as much, even when I’m doing nothing.

My weekend was very laidback, not doing too much and not detouring off the detox even when I was bored or tired from staying up to late. I didn’t exercise much this weekend. I was moving when I cleaned the house, but that was it.

I have friends and coworkers saying they see a difference, starting with my weight. I feel good hearing that it’s not just me seeing this change but others too.

Jennifer Schreiner, reader

I am certainly more fatigued with the lack of sleep or maybe it is my body telling me something is not right. My cravings for the food everyone else is eating continue to plague me. It doesn’t help that I was unable to visit the gym yesterday and, due to the snow, won’t be able to again today.  I really wish it was spring so I can get outside to enjoy a warm sun.

My morning shake gives me the perk up much like my coffee did so I can get things done. Today’s dinner will be steak with a side salad and asparagus. My measurements show another inch off my waist. I need to work harder at drinking more water when I’m at home. I intend on keeping a chart of my glasses of water to help remind me.

But the most important part of today’s plan will involve “design.” Our focus is to work on the external environment, so I will be cleaning house and making another return to the pantry to clean out more items we can eliminate from my entire family’s diet. I’ve been at this place in time before when attempting a gluten- and casein-free diet but failed due to the lack of support for those that needed it the most, my family. My husband seems to be mostly on board since he also started to workout. It may create less stress with a cleaner home and pantry. Another task to complete will be my recipes. I have a mix of healthy, gluten-free, and traditional recipes. I want to gather all my recipes that involve vegetables, nuts, and seeds to create substitutes to our usual standard meals we previously ate. This may make me a better home chef yet.

Weekend Update:  By the end of Friday, Day 5, it was apparent that my family had enough of a more restricted diet. Their complaint was too many vegetables. So they ate pizza (it smelled very good). I ate my herbed chicken over greens with avocado and Dijon mustard vinaigrette. My spirits were down due to the lack of support. After all, I was halfway through this. At least I was able to get my workout and sauna time in yesterday. My detox bath gave me some serenity from the hectic day and negative responses I am encountering.

Day 6 began with the usual measurement but the measuring tape seems to be slipping smaller and smaller. I already lost 2.5 inches from my legs. With today being focused on thinking about our thoughts I will continue to tell myself, “I can do it” whenever I feel the cravings and negative talk—whether it be outside influences or my internal voice speaking. I’m getting my game plan together for tomorrow’s game. They may want wings, so I will make myself nut-covered chicken strips with cayenne hot sauce. If they want pizza I will make my zucchini/cauliflower crust with roasted vegetables. My treat will be strawberry almond mouse with chai seed (basically my smoothie thickened with chai seeds). I do feel better today after my workout and sauna time. I felt I needed something to continue my “new me,” so I’m getting a new hairstyle today.

When it was all done, Day 6 went better than I expected. My workout, sauna, and detox bath felt refreshing. I found great company in the sauna as I talk with others who are also trying to lose weight, those who have had successes, and have some laughs along the way. That is good therapy in itself. By the end of the day I wanted more time at the gym. I am able to push myself more with each visit. I have yet to feel sore, which could be the Epsom salt baths or that I do not push too hard. My highlight from Day 6 was the many compliments on my new hairstyle “selfie,” but the best comment was when my youngest sister asked how I have such a flawless complexion. Could it be the endless amount of water I am drinking or the food making the beautiful changes in my body?

Another long night proved my six-year nemesis continues. Having young children that can’t sleep the night and taking several college classes make a full night’s sleep impossible. This may be another reason, beyond food choices, that I have gained weight. So I start Day 7 with the focus on nurturing the mind which will help nurture my body. I may have to take some time today to focus on mindful breathing exercises.

Today my measurements again show I lost another pound and inch around my middle. Although it is not nearly the weight loss I wanted by this point, it is on the right track to having my weight to where it was before the holiday season. Today seems like the perfect day to download my meditation music to enjoy during my bath tonight. I made myself kale “chips” to snack on when the rest of the family has their snacks and have my meal already planned out so I can take the time I need for myself. I feel tense already so it’s time for some breathing.