10 Day Detox Diet, Day 9: Equilibrium, men can cook, Nancie declutters, Jennifer fits her skinny jacket

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Day Nine – 2.4.14 - Adam Swenson, editor

I feel my body has arrived at a point of equilibrium as far as the detox goes. I don’t have any more weird detox symptoms, my body just generally goes about its business without a lot of drama or fanfare, which is how I prefer it. All systems are go (pun intended) and I feel good.

Weight loss seems to have stabilized for me, which is fine. As I had said earlier, I am at a healthy weight and don’t feel the need to drop any more—apparently my body is in agreement.

Reflecting back on it (I know I still have one more day), my experience was less dramatic than some people had because I was starting at a pretty good baseline as far as my health and my weight. But our reader Jennifer lost eight inches off her waist during this detox. Think about that—eight inches in a little over a week! That is pretty mindblowing.

But for me, the most rewarding aspects of this have been the knowledge that a) my body is indeed functional without caffeine, and b) I can cook. Don’t get me wrong, I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen and I can cook eggs, roasts, and salmon burgers with the best of them, but I was just making things up. I never followed a recipe, and many foods just seemed daunting to me. I thought there was some mystical knowing one had to have in order to make a good chicken soup, and thus I was at the mercy of the women in my life who were capable of such feats.

As it turns out there isn’t secret handshake, just the ability to follow a basic recipe and the willingness to get your hands dirty and hover over the stove for a while. But this unlocks a huge vista of healthy eating for me—instead of trusting Campbells to make my soup, I’ll make it my way and I will make it vastly healthier.

And, as I’d mentioned in an earlier blog, my experience of making chicken soup with my daughter, Katja, was really a blessing. We had a lot of fun doing it, and the net result was probably 10 good, healthy, filling meals.

My morning shake has also emerged as a real winner. It is tremendously healthy and keeps me full from breakfast until lunch.

Nancie Carter, reader

Here it is day 9, one more day of this detox diet and I’m feeling really good! I can’t believe it’s almost done. I’m hoping to stay in contact with others I’ve met on this adventure, and be able to still ask for help with all this once it’s done.

It has been an eye opener needing to write these blogs which is something that’s new to me. It has made me accountable for what I’m eating and drinking  and to how much or even how little .

It also made me realize that at times I’m an emotional eater and when I’m tired I just grab anything, healthy or not, just because its faster and instant gratification.

I'm not the most organized person at times, and this detox has started turning even that around, after cleaning the cupboards out and fridge and freezer and organizing everything I started going through my whole house!

Started with my bedroom, I took all things out that didn’t need to be in there and out they went. I was making bags for giving to the poor, selling, or just throwing out! It was very liberating getting clutter out of my house.

I’ve thought about my consequences of not eating this way and come to determine that I won’t feel this great if I don’t. My knee will go back to feeling the way it did before. It still has aches and pains but not as bad—it’s not as swollen at the end of my day. And there are other symptoms that have improved as well.

The energy and lack of brain fog I have now allows me to keep up with active 12 year old. It is so awesome: She commented the other day “Mom, I like this new you.” I had tears in my eyes, it touched me that she was so in tune with my changes.

This detox has changed a lot for me and knowing it works as well as it does I am going to continue further on this path. I’m not missing or craving a lot of foods that I’ve cut out for this and am not going to bring them back into my diet.

I do appreciate being picked to do this journey with Natural Solutions editor Adam and Jennifer Schreiner, another reader. It has been a great experience I will party on with.

Jennifer Schreiner, reader

I took a long detox bath for the end of my Day 8. I felt frustrated by the slow weight loss but encouraged by the inches that seem to be falling off me. I knew that, with more sleep, the next two days will go better. I had suddenly remembered that I had some glucose-ketone strips from when I was diagnosed prediabetic. During that time the strips never changed colors. I thought that was a good thing. But last night I saw a huge color change in the ketones. I was shocked and delighted to see that my body was finally burning fats. I wish I would have seen this days ago. It was the encouragement I needed.

Today is focused on notice. Noticing the changes. My measurements on Day 9 showed no weight loss but more loss in body size. I’ve lost a total of eight inches off my middle, five inches from the hips, and three inches from the legs. The increased magnesium citrate and increased water intake seems to be working better.

When losing weight and expecting to see results the best indicator is clothes, when you can fit into your clothing more comfortably and clothes that you use to wear. It has been years since I have been able to fit into my Columbia winter coat. I actually zippered it up and can wear it comfortably now. I want to burn the “frumpy” coat I’ve hidden myself in for over three years. I bet most everyone got the same exercise I did, shoveling. I found something I can do at home that will work up a sweat and I will have several more chances again this week. (Not that it’s my preferred activity.) My salads and soup have already been made so I can’t use the excuse of no time to eat on time with my busy schedule today.