10-Day Detox Diet, Day 10: The Finish Line! Weight Loss Totals and Overall Impressions.

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Adam Swenson, editor

So, first the tangible numbers: I lost four pounds and three inches off my waist. Left to my own devices I had been unsuccessful in losing those extra few pounds for a few years now, so accomplishing it in 10 days is impressive. And, to put the four pounds number in context, I was pretty lean already (BMI at 24.6 when we started and 24.1 now, and I have a larger frame) so I was fine with that amount of weight loss.

 My body has “normalized” with no more caffeine withdrawals or food cravings really. Still having some odd depression-type symptoms, but those could certainly be accounted for by the fact that I’m 2/3 of the way through winter living in a frozen tundra.

As to how this will change my eating in the future, I will continue taking the PGX fiber supplement as it is an effective appetite suppressant and good at controlling blood sugar. I will go back to drinking coffee, but plan on only two cups a day of half caf, as opposed to three cups of regular. I will continue with the breakfast shake (because it’s delicious and very healthy) and I will do these salads for lunch at least three times a week I would guess. My dinner planning will certainly be influenced by what I have learned, so in terms of long-term effects, I would say those are pretty big.

I can certainly vouch that this is a healthy way to eat, and to live. Moving from a diet that was already pretty healthy to one that I could only characterize as excellent paid dividends in health. If there was any doubt in my mind that the way to alleviate America’s massive healthcare problems was through diet and exercise, that is gone now. If you are overweight, have high blood pressure or type-2 diabetes or if you are food addicted, this will make great strides toward clearing that up. You don’t need to make more doctor’s appointments and get more prescriptions, you need to get a handle on what you’re eating, on your stress levels, and on your exercise, and your body will respond by slimming down and lowering your blood sugar and blood pressure. It happened for me and it happened for both of our readers that are doing the detox with me.

As to whether my body eliminated toxins, that is something I don’t really have a way to quantify. It seems logical to me to assume that it did, as I felt the classic detox symptoms (brain fog, bad smell, body doing weird things) and those have cleared up, which is to be expected as the body clears the toxins.

I did appreciate that Dr. Hyman was careful not to blame people with food addictions (i.e. most of us) or people who are overweight. We live in a culture filled with very addictive foods, and it is a cultural norm and very well accepted to eat them. Once you start down that road, they are just as addictive as street drugs, and most people need to take drastic measures (like this detox) to get off them.

I want to respond to one other issue people often have when the issue of eating healthy is brought up—most people think it is too labor intensive, too expensive, or both. As to the first count, it is more labor intensive, there is no question about that. But once you get into the rhythm of it, it doesn’t really take that long – it is more the planning that is the issue. My morning shake only takes me five minutes to make now -  I used to measure all the ingredients, now I just eyeball everything and throw stuff in. But I have to have everything on hand, so I have to plan ahead.

As to the expense, I would highly encourage people to start shopping at Costco. (Sams’s Club works too, but Costco has more organic.) I get a bag of 6 huge heads of organic romaine lettuce there for $4 – that will be the centerpiece of my salads for three weeks or as long as the heads keep. Frozen produce there is very inexpensive as well. I got a 4 pound bag of frozen, chopped kale there for $4. That is a LOT of kale! I feel like I eat a lot of kale and one bag lasts my family probably three months. They also have free-range organic ground beef, 4 pounds for $16, so there’s a good protein source. I would just about guarantee that anybody who cites this concern could eat much, much healthier than they are currently eating for the same price if they’re willing to do a little legwork, and Hyman’s 10-Day Detox Diet book sets you up well for that.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon.

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To close out, I would highly encourage any of you to do this. One of my close friends is going to start this program just as soon as I am done with the book, and I am happy for him and excited to see his progress.

Jennifer Schreiner, reader

Day 9 I was able to squeeze in a short workout at the gym but wanted more time that I just did not have. It is a good feeling to know I can keep working out longer each time I visit. I decided to take advantage of the facility’s free initial physical trainer-nutritionist consultation in the near future. For dinner I had chicken lettuce taco wraps with fresh salsa and avocado while the rest of my family ate soft tortilla tacos—just one of the many substitutes I will continue to incorporate into our meals. Another compliment to boost my spirits, a friend mentioned how bright my eyes look.

The start of day 10 feels very invigorating to my mind and spirit. I made it this far.

I’ve lost a total of 7 pounds, 8 inches off my middle, 6 inches from the hips, and 3.5 inches from the legs. I truly believe I could have lost more with an increase in exercise. With my husband on board I know it can be done. It was over six years ago that I was in shape, working out and running, eating a very healthy diet. I am becoming that person again.

Today we are to focus on connecting. I know we have a great networking support system. Also to have others surrounding you with support is even more important. Talking with others at the gym, family encouragement, and friends will carry over to each day.

Prior to 10 days ago I felt obligated to eat what my family wanted to eat. Often meals would be takeout pizzas, the all-you-can-eat buffets and breaded, fried foods at home. Bread and pastas were at all meals. I have a loaf of bread that is over four days old still unopened by anyone in the home. Vegetables and fruit now fill my fridge. My mind is going a mile-a-minute thinking about starting a garden, creative veggie recipes and visiting organic farmers’ markets. I still have the energy to go my entire day without caffeine, refined carbs, and sugar. How exciting it is to have a mind and body connected with such energy and passion for better health and healing.

I will continue to utilize the 10 Day Detox Diet’s transition plan so I can continue on this path. This is not the end but just the beginning of my journey.

Nancie Carter, reader

Well, this is the end of my 10-day detox. I have to say I’m feeling really good and tomorrow I’m going to start back at Day 1 to continue to improve and lose the weight I want to lose. I am very pleased with this detox diet and have incorporated some of the meals in at my work—I work in a group home for individuals with mental health and physical disabilities. I make their meals and shop for their foods for the week. Some of them have been watching my meals and what I have and ask if they can have it too. So I will be making them meals from the book for them.

I have mixed emotions about the last day here. I am hoping I will be able to do as well continuing on as I have on the first 10 days—needing to send this blog in every day has really kept me on track.

I have lost a total of nine pounds (possibly more, but I feel my bowels are not cooperating with me). I feel great. I am energized and in much better moods. I’m getting better sleep and I feel refreshed when I wake up, seldom hit the snooze button.

This has been a real eye-opener for me and I am so glad I participated in this journey. I have met some wonderful people that hopefully will continue to keep in touch.

My life has changed for the better and incorporating this new eating lifestyle into our daily routines is a bonus for our health and well-being.