10 Day Detox Diet – Day 4. Interval Training, Brain Fog, an Inch off Around the Waist, Knee Pain Improved

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Day Four – 1.30.14 – Adam Swenson, editor

Another day of good and bad. Seems I’ve lost a confirmed three pounds since this started, so that’s definitely a plus. My body continues to right itself, feeling pretty awake and energetic for most of the day, and very tired at night—and I’m doing this with no caffeine. That in itself is a minor miracle.

I am continuing to feel the symptoms of detoxing: today they was numbness in my face (for whatever reason) and some definite brain fog. I was sitting in a meeting today and ideas were a little hard to come by. But we were told to expect this—it’s sort of a corollary to “pain is weakness leaving the body.” (Facial numbness and tingling in the extremities is toxins leaving the body? IDK.)

There’s always a theme for the day in the book. Yesterday’s theme was “empty” which is a nice way to say “voiding one’s bowels” which in turn is a nice way to say “pooping.” Today’s theme was “move” and, while we have been encouraged to exercise 30 minutes a day before we make our breakfast smoothie, our exercise up until now has been pretty gentle: walking, or whatever you feel up to. Today Hyman encouraged us to try high intensity interval training, which is basically warm-up, go hard for a designated short period (typically one to two minutes), do a cool-down exercise for four minutes to get your heart rate lower, then go hard again. It goes like that for a series of three to four repetitions.

I did that in my basement workout area, warming up on the treadmill and then doing pushups and pull-ups for my more intense exercise. I will say that I got a pretty good workout in in a short timeframe, and it also cleared up a headache I woke up with.

Cooking the meals has been a bit of a challenge as there are a lot of food allergies in my house (not mine) and thus I can’t use onions, garlic, and various other ingredients that make foods taste good. My cauliflower soup was probably nothing like it’s supposed to be, but it got the job done. I’ve come to accept that I just need to make certain concessions during this program—everyone has to do the best they can on any given day, and I know that I’ve done that. I am reaping rewards, and am curious to see what happens on days five through 10.


Jennifer Schreiner, reader

My hectic schedule still made it difficult to keep up with the diet on Day 3—it wasn’t until lunch time that I was able to get back on track. By the end of the day I was able to take my detox bath and drink more water. It was a matter of telling my husband and kids that I need 30 minutes to myself. I knew that with more sleep I would feel better on Day 4.

Sure enough I am starting this day off feeling more energized and focused on taking better care of myself. I am already looking forward to some time at the gym and sauna. Despite some breakouts from the effects of detoxing, my skin looks so much better. The increased water intake certainly has helped. My measurements showed I am back on track with losing an additional pound and inch off my middle. My blood pressure seems to be improving as well. The chart I am keeping will track all my measurements and give me the boost I so need to start my day. If I see I am not improving it’s like a kick in the bottom to be more motivated.

This morning I drank a different smoothie recipe today, thanks to Adam’s suggestion. The Strawberry Almond Smoothie was good. I am already looking forward to eating leftovers from last night’s dinner, a lunch of turkey meatballs with an Asian kale slaw. I do realize that I must need something to help rid my body of the toxins or drink more fluids. I know I will see better results and feel even better. The 10 Day Detox Diet Book has many suggestions on helping with issues that commonly arise from the diet. The support I am receiving has helped keep me going each day.


Nancie Carter, reader

Well, Day 4 begins … it’s my busiest day this week. The meal preps and actually taking time for myself to drink my allocated water and even my snacks are getting easier as the days go on.

Physically, I’m feeling great. I’ve noticed a slight decrease of pain in my knee (from no sugar I am assuming). I still have pain, but it doesn’t seem as intensified being so long on my feet and once I’m done for the day, it’s not throbbing as much ... that’s a good sign and even more motivation to keep going.

I’ve noticed a difference in my skin (glowing and radiant) and my digestion (don’t seem to feel weighted down) I am now down 7lbs, inches slowly going away, but I’m feeling energized and awake.

Having no real cravings for my snacks or breads, pasta, rice or any type of comfort food.

When I smell the aroma of coffee, I take a deep breath and think it smells so good, then carry on.

I have to say I love how I’m starting to feel and can’t wait to see how far I can take this to get to my desired weight and good health.

I take my days in strides and enjoy the changes to my body and how I’m eating so I can carry through this process after my 10 days are up.