10 Day Detox Day 5: Chicken soup, resisting temptation, and making new habits.

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Day Five – 1.31.14 – Adam Swenson, editor 

Day five and many things are clearing up. Brain fog has lessened dramatically (though still a little foggy), and there’s no phantom numbness or tingling, so I’ll take that as a good sign. My energy level continues to be pretty good on this. One interesting thing I have noticed is that on the diet I used to eat, my energy would spike and crash much more than it does now. After I eat my protein shake in the morning, I just feel a steady, slow burn of energy that carries me through until lunch with no real cravings to speak of. I’ll have a few nuts in the morning, but I think that’s as much force of habit as anything.

I am sure that this is due to the fact that all the meals and snacks in this detox have a low glycemic index. During a recent interview I did with David Perlmutter, MD, he said, “One of the biggest issues in individuals who are eating the standard recommended Western diet is that they’re having this huge blood sugar surge after breakfast by consuming a glass or two of orange juice or a croissant, bagel, and a bowl of cereal—a major league carbohydrate embarrassment. The body does the very best it can to cope with that onslaught of carbohydrates by secreting huge amounts of insulin and it causes the blood sugar to plummet. It’s that plummet of the blood sugar that leads to people having to break into a vending machine at 10:00 o’clock in the morning because they’ve got nothing left.”

By contrast, he said, “Burning fat as an energy source is like an oil lamp. It provides a constant level of energy throughout the course of the day and it also doesn’t desensitize the brain’s satiety center. People aren’t clamoring for food. They feel satisfied and everything works.”

My 9-year-old daughter Katja and I made “Chicken Soup for the Cause” last night. I have long been fascinated by soup, but there’s always been a degree of powerlessness associated with that fascination as I have never known how to make it, and I’ve never taken the time to learn. The process was actually quite enjoyable last night. Katja gladly washed and peeled the carrots and helped gather ingredients. (After peeling the carrots, she tore the peels into small pieces so they’d be more bite-sized for the composting worms downstairs.) I’m sure the way we did it would have made a seasoned chef laugh, but we got it done and what happened at the end sure tasted like soup to me.

(In an apropos-of-nothing proud dad aside here, I’d like to note that Katja was fascinated by the chicken bones. There’s a story that has passed down through my side of the family about a Nigerian man who is a dear friends that used to live with us. He would always ask if we were done with our chicken bones, and then he would eat the marrow out of them. Katja, a tremendously adventurous eater for a 9-year-old, was more fascinated by the bones than by the soup. She broke them or nibbled them apart to get at the marrow, all the while making observations like “Wow, bones are nearly translucent after you extract the marrow.” Gush.)

Whatever one’s opinion of detoxing (I’m still forming mine, though I’m generally for it) I think there’s tremendous worth in the 10-Day Detox Diet if it just gets Americans to exercise, cook their own healthy meals, and lower their stress levels. If there were three things we at Natural Solutions would love to get everyone to do, I think it would be those three.

Dr. Hyman’s daily email theme today was “listen.” He writes, “A few days into a detox, things begin to shift at deeper levels, and it's not uncommon to feel waves of emotions that can catch you off guard.” That was certainly true for me during the first four days. Wow. I felt crazy at times. (I would actually need to make a mental note to self: Do not make any life-changing decisions today.) Today I feel more clarity and peace, which is something more akin to my usual state. Hoping that continues in days 6 – 10.


Jennifer Schreiner, reader

I certainly got back into the groove of the Detox Diet plan by Day 4. I was able to eat my dinner of salmon cakes with creamy asparagus soup and take my detox bath on time. I found myself knowing where every ladies’ room has been at every store with all the water I have been consuming. On day 4 I started to feel a little rundown and have cravings for the foods everyone else is eating. I figured it may be my body telling me I need some additional nutrients or I need to dig deep to figure out why I want those foods.

With the start of day 5, my measurements showed another pound lost. Already I was able to get to the gym and take time in the sauna. This day is focused on listening to our feelings. So I thought about why I eat so much more than I did when I was younger. I was always underweight and skinny but did not see myself in that way. Although I may not come to that conclusion I do realize I need to listen to my inner voice when any negative thoughts come so I may change them to positive ones. With the women around me knowing I am doing this, they ask about dieting. This is my chance to explain to them it is not just a diet, it’s getting back to healthier eating habits. I believe in eating better so it only makes sense to share the joy. My energy is still doing well but it is obvious I need to get more sleep (a product of college classwork and sick kids). The book has suggested taking buffered vitamin C so this may be a good time to do so. The meals are my favorite part and tonight we have another great dinner to look forward to: Rosemary Chicken.


Nancie Carter, reader

Feeling a little tired due to a late night and early morning, but staying on track and feeling good!

I’ve been reading other people’s posts in the groups  and feel bad somewhat. Besides a few headaches on and off throughout the week, I haven’t experienced many other symptoms other than a little rash on my forearms that started two days ago. It’s most likely toxins leaving my system. (I’m assuming.)

It is pretty amazing losing seven pounds in that short a time. It’s one of the reasons that keeps me going, because I’m seeing the results and I’m not bored with what I’m eating.

I stuck to the plan except for dinner last night (I had the leftovers of the previous day’s supper of greens, cauliflower, broccoli, marmalade onions, and salmon) due to executing my daughters birthday party and basketball game and kids showing up by 6:00 p.m. I felt a little “when am I going to prepare my supper” anxiety. After taking a few deep breaths, I got some pizza for the kids that were around already, and got everything ready for the party. I had a chance then amongst all the pizza and chips and snacks that I would have had before starting my detox, but I didn’t even taste one piece of all the goodies smacking me in the face. I ate my healthy, fulfilling meal! And I wanted it! And I was satisfied! 

Before starting this journey on the detox , it was so much faster if I didn’t have time to cook to just munch on whatever the kids were having that were hanging around my house. This time I did it for myself and never cracked under all that sugar taunting me and yelling my name.

Eating so good, with no sugars, and seeing the all-around results is such an empowering motivator to keep me going further past just these 10 days.

Knowing I could be a lot thinner as I was before I had my daughter and wear the clothes I wish I could fit into again, I’ve found the power within to take back myself and get where I know I want to be: healthy and slimmer and symptom-free as I can be. Being a single parent I owe that to myself and for my daughter.