10 Day Detox - Day 2, Weight Loss Already and Weird Detox Symptoms

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Day Two – 1.28.14 – Adam Swenson, editor

Today overall I am doing well. My body feels simultaneously better and worse, which is a strange experience. On the better side of the ledger, my caffeine withdrawal symptoms have certainly improved. Still not 100% better, but major improvement. I have a good amount of energy today and definitely less brain fog than I had yesterday.

But Dr. Hyman points out that in day two of a detox, it is pretty normal to feel a bevy of symptoms including irritability, nausea, body odor, constipation, etc. The withdrawal symptoms I am feeling are my body’s way of trying to fight off the antibodies created to fight off the foods it doesn’t like (namely all the foods I’m not eating now). When you stop eating all those foods, the antibodies have nothing to do and they glom on to one another and form giant immune complexes, Hyman says. These activate your immune system and your body fights them off—this is called serum sickness. Fortunately it’s temporary and I don’t have most of the symptoms he listed—in this case, you have to get worse before you can get better.

I had major cravings last night (I like a late night bowl of granola with kefir once in a while—it sounds healthy, but turns out not to be as healthy as you’d think, due to the carbs), but I drank a big glass of water and went to bed and that was that.

Though our family is in the midst of a stressful situation, I didn’t “stress eat,” which was good. Overall positive so far. Despite the occasional weird symptom today, I know that this is working and will be glad to stick with it.

Nancie Carter, reader

Today  physically, I'm feeling rather energetic, ready to go. No headache so far this morning as I had last night. (But last night I was working in my job as a mental health professional and it was rather loud, with high behaviors. That could have been the culprit or perhaps it was just added to the detox working.)

Although I’m feeling rather good and doing well following the plan, I’m feeling rushed today, like I don’t have enough time to get what I need done, due to training and work schedule. And I’m wondering where I’m going to fit in eating lunch and making supper. So I’m taking lunch with me in a thermos, and for supper I’m putting everything in a bag and will prepare it at work while I prepare supper for my patients. Problem solved!

The Friday before the detox started, I weighed myself and took measurements, started eating better than I was, and taking the vitamins. I had already cut out my coffee and sugar. Including day one I have lost four pounds and 1/2” off my hips and 1/2” off my waist. This detox is doing something and I'm doing it right!

So with Day 2 started off right, I'm feeling good and have motivation and support from new friends to make this work for me. I’m handling this busy day with calmness. However it turns out, it’s OK!

Jennifer Schreiner, reader

With the start of the second day of the 10 Day Detox Diet I still feel energized. I already lost one pound and one inch off my waist. Already the chronic pain I felt in my neck and back is getting better. I was able to make the Core Dinner for my entire family to eat along with me. The support has grown with my family and friends which helps keep me focused on my goals of becoming a healthier person.

The best part of ending the first day was the detox bath. Of all the thousands of baths I’ve given my children, I rarely took time for myself. The 20 minutes of not thinking about anything, just for me, was very relaxing and mind-clearing. I was able to sleep much better. This diet works on the mental focus needed for success with starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Every day we write down our thoughts and feelings with the help of questions to answer such as: How am I feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally? Can I continue to support myself through this process? They evoke the process needed to reach deep down to what is happening and why and then to move through the healthier eating habits with a renewed sense of purpose of why we are on this journey.

Today, I will exercise at the gym and I just might hit the sauna for more relaxation and detoxifying. The plan is to continue to make the dinner recipes from the diet for my entire family. The meals are very satisfying and leave me energized instead of tired and worn out. This is going to be another good day!