Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Do you ever contemplate your kidneys? Join the club if you answered “no.” After all, why would you pay them any attention if they don’t cause you any problems? Whether you think about them or not, each day, these important organs filter 200 liters of blood, sifting out about 2 liters of waste and water […]

Music: The Key to Unlocking Your Brain

Your mind is a powerful instrument. You are born with a melody in your brain, a song capable of keeping you balanced, which brings you peace from within and shapes your neurochemistry. In fact, all of us can use music to enhance and stimulate both physical and mental performance—as well as create positive change in […]

Foods to Boost Your Mood

Boost Your Mood My mother was a nurse who raised us to believe that diet was the most effective way to impact your overall health and well-being. I didn’t think much of it until I had kids myself; how plain it was to me then. Watching my daughter go through her younger years, falling over, […]

Eat Your Way to Better Skin!

Forget all the expensive creams, toners, and scrubs, says Mitchell Gaynor, MD, author of the recently released book The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of your Genetic Destiny Through Diet and Lifestyle. To create and carry radiant skin from fall through winter, here’s what you should be eating—and what you shouldn’t!—according to Dr. Gaynor. Anti-AGE […]

No Worries: Curb Your Anxiety without Drugs

You’re caught defenseless—in line at the grocery store of all places. It’s as if someone amped up the fluorescent lights by a zillion watts, and you’re trapped in the glare. As sweat trickles down your back, your heartbeat quickens. Your chest constricts like a giant fist closing around your ribs. Your upper body starts shaking, […]

The Immune-Boosting Diet

Everyone’s always saying what an amazingly efficient immune system we have, but if that’s true, why do we catch colds in the winter or suffer from allergies in the spring? The answer lies in ourselves. We don’t keep our immune system in fighting shape. Instead, we do all sorts of things that make it weak […]
Orgasm Inc

Orgasm Inc: The Strange Science of Female Pleasure

Having trouble reaching the Big O between the sheets? You’re not alone. Sexual dysfunction has become the “disease of the moment” and there’s a pill, toy, surgery, and counselor there to help cure you. But how did all the hubbub come about in the first place? A documentary directed by Liz Canner attempts to answer […]

Beat the Cold and Flu This Season

Here it is again, the cold and flu season when we all head indoors to share our sneezes and viruses. It’s time to get serious about preventing illness, and that means caring for our personal air filter: the nose. Viruses are the worst seasonal offenders, and colds are the most common virus we pass around. […]
Sex Life

Revive Your Sex Life

Low libido is the No. 1 complaint of women experiencing sexual problems, and studies show that struggles with arousal are not rare: Between 30 and 43 percent of women experience some form of sexual dysfunction. Symptoms include loss of sexual desire, vaginal dryness, painful or uncomfortable sex, poor arousal, inability to orgasm, loss of sexual […]
Healthy Sex Life

A Recipe for a Healthy Sex Life

There’s an old adage that, when it comes to sex, men are like a microwave and women are like a crockpot. The crock-pot analogy works insofar as it goes: a crock-pot takes a while to warm up and start cooking, whereas a microwave can get there in a minute flat. The limitations of the metaphor […]