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New Hope for MS

Get your life back with these alternative therapies. By Jessica Cerretani Goldberry McClure’s multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis came as a mixed blessing. “In a way, I was relieved because I finally had an explanation for my overwhelming fatigue and muscle pain,” says the Fort Collins, Colorado, resident. “But I was scared about the course the […]
ants summer

Summer Ant Problems

Finding ants in your home, however frustrating it may be, is a sure sign of summer. Ant traps or sprays may eliminate them temporarily, but the key to getting rid of ants for good lies in finding the source of the entry.   Ant Prevention Checklist >> Seal and caulk openings and cracks in your […]
skin cancer

Skin Cancer vs. Vitamin D

Reexamining our relationship with the sun By Adam Swenson “I remember back in the old days, when bacon, eggs, and sunshine were good for you.”–Author’s grandfather, Warren Swenson Is sunshine good for you? Much like bacon and eggs, it depends who you ask. With the paleo diet books touting the virtues of bacon and eggs […]
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Vitamin D: The Little Powerhouse

Get to know your vitamin D levels and manage your intake to maintain a healthy life. By Craig Gustafson From its discovery in the early twentieth century as a cure for rickets, a syndrome characterized by malformed bones, vitamin D was just another vitamin. In 1980 all that changed when Dr. Michael Holick solved the […]
biking with groceries

Biking with Groceries: Experts Tell All

It’s Bike to Work Week! In an effort to scrounge up interest from a climate-controlled population in a more sustainable, active mode of transportation, the National League of American Cyclists chose the most pleasant month of the year to introduce commuters to fresh air and two wheels. While you’re welcome to take the bike lane […]
vitamin D

Focus On: Vitamin D

WHAT IT IS: A steroid vitamin, vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble pro-hormones that is important for absorbing and metabolizing calcium and phosphorus. Actually “vitamins” cannot be synthesized by the body—they are only available through diet. Vitamin D, for this reason, is not a true vitamin: Given adequate sunlight, the body will synthesize enough. […]

In Season: Papaya

The papaya, aka the pawpaw, is regarded as one of nature’s ultimate nutritional powerhouses. Originally hailing from Mexico and Hawaii, this superfood is an excellent source of antioxidants and contains carotenes; vitamins A, B, and C; folic and pantothenic acid; potassium; magnesium; and fiber. Additionally, you’ll find the anti-inflammatory enzyme papain, which boosts digestion and […]

Sweeter Than Sugar

Going natural can both satisfy your sweet tooth and add nutrition to your diet. By Cara Lucas We are all familiar with that sleepy feeling experienced in the early afternoon, somewhere between the dismal hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. It’s post-lunch hour, and you still have a little left to go in your work […]

Focus On: Stevia

WHAT IT IS: Stevia is an extract from the plant Stevia rebaudiana, which originated in the rainforests of Brazil and Paraguay. Stevia is used as an alternative to sugar. The flavor comes from glycosides—particularly stevioside, which is 200 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar. Stevia is highly sought after because it is calorie-free, carb-free, […]

Savour the Flavor: Summer Barbecues

Curt Hamilton, CNN Summer is prime time for barbecues, yet while great fun, many barbecues are laden with health-damaging foods. That being said, great summer food doesn’t have to compromise your health. Why not try a few easy recipes that will keep your family both well and satisfied? Whether you mix them up from scratch […]