Cranberry-Almond Bread Pudding

Ingredients: 4 cups cubed, day-old whole-wheat bread 1 cup cranberries, chopped 1/2 cup sliced toasted almonds 2 eggs 2 egg whites 2 cups evaporated skim milk 3 tablespoons butter, melted 1/2 cup agave nectar 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon almond extract Instructions: 1. In a 13- by 9- by 2-inch baking dish coated with cooking […]

Achieve Your New Years Health Goals

Lose weight, stress less, and find happiness- the most common new year resolution. Every January 1, it’s the same deal. I’m eager to write out a resolution list and get started on my goals, because this year I will drop 10 pounds, stress less, save more money, and be the most giving person I can […]

Slice Holiday Calories

Simple Swaps to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain        The holidays are upon us once again, meaning that sweets, treats, and high-calorie dishes often tag along to all our jolly gatherings—and pave the way for inevitable holiday weight gain. However, it is possible to enjoy this season without seeing the scale move in the wrong direction. With […]
Radiant Skin

Tips for Being Green in Your Beauty Routine

Erin Schrode, co-founder and spokeswoman of Teens Turning Green (TTG), knows a thing or two about how to take your lifestyle to a greener place. John Masters Organics tapped Schrode for expert tips on why making ecologically conscious lifestyle choices is necessary, and especially when choosing green products for your beauty routine. Skip toxins and […]

Beauty Myth Busters

Experts set the record straight on seven common misconceptions concerning beauty. More than likely you know that chocolate and French fries don’t cause acne, but did you get the surprising news that oil cures oily skin, that popping pimples won’t make them go away, and that concealers make you look younger? Neither did we. That’s […]

Gluten-Free Beauty

You may be surprised that gluten can find its way into your body through your cosmetics. Stomach pains, digestive problems, and headaches are just a few symptoms of what most people would characterize as gluten intolerance. But, did you know that your skin, or even your hair, could be trying to tell you something about […]

Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

Before you choose just any skin-care product off the shelf, it is important to know what ingredients the product contains. There are certain ingredients and chemicals that are harmful to skin, as well as long-term health. It is essential to be aware of these ingredients and avoid products that contain them. Remember beauty is more […]

Hydrate With Hyaluronic Acid

Boost skin moisture during dry winter months I frequently hear the question, “How can I keep my skin moisturized as fall transitions into winter?” This time of year, it’s no surprise when skin looks dull, dry, or dehydrated. In fact, you’re probably noticing more visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. A […]

Cheers to the Vine

There’s nothing like a glass of wine to top off the day, especially with all the varieties available. Additionally, relaxing with a glass of your favorite pinot after a busy day might just make you feel good. So what’s so bad about a little indulgence?

Wellness in Wine Country

Picture the perfect week in wine country: farm-to-table restaurants, award-winning wine, art, music, and luxurious lodging. That may sound like any week in Napa—and it certainly could be—but there’s one event in particular that brings out the best of the valley: Festival del Sole. Billed as a “celebration of the art of life,” Napa Valley […]